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Solar Panel Installation

Solar4Life is your full-service solar service provider, with all you need to power your home and business with clean solar energy. We help you with your entire solar panel installation project

Energy Storage

Enjoy Energy independence with Solar4Life solutions. We provide battery energy storage solutions to capture excess energy generated through solar system, thus reduce your electricity consumption. We help you achieve this goal of home energy storage at competitive prices.

Solar Project Consultants

Solar4Life is a powerful partner in the creation of successful Solar Power systems. Using global technology we strive to provide solar solutions best suited for your project. We have the capability to handle small to medium/large solar installations.

Why Choose Us

Always Clean Energy

Solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun. It reduces carbon footprints, which helps in reducing global warming

Easy Installation

We make the process of Solar panel installations easy for you by providing our best technical team at your site.

Save thousands of $$$$$$

Installing solar panels at your site can bring in monthly savings of above $100.

Long Time to Use

Solar is a secure investment for future. Solar4Life solar installations can actually save you money in a dozen ways with proper planning.

High Performance

Solar4Life high performance solar panels come with 25 years warranty, 10 years warranty on Wifi inverter and 10 years workmanship warranty. 5 Years Warranty on Wifi Inverter with option on another 5 years extended warranty

Energy Independence

Choosing Solar4Life solar solutions is the right step towards energy independence. Energy from sun is free to use. Once solar panels are installed on your roof, you have an independent source of electricity that is all yours.

how Our Team works

Solar Survey
Solar Survey

We do a survey to calculate how much energy you use, how much you pay for existing power usage and then design the system that fits your need.

Solar Survey
Design & Installation

We provide design to deliver solar solutions using state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic technology. Our products are highly reliable, efficient, installed easily, eco-friendly, high tensile strength, corrosion resistant.

Completion and Used
Completion & Maintainability

After completion, we strive to provide high standard of customer service and help you maintain your renewable energy solution by providing all the after sales support you need.