Rooftop Solar

We provide Rooftop Solar PV solutions that enable you to access the free, abundant power of the sun and reduces your reliance on fossil fuels. When you’re producing your own power, you’re buying less from your retailer and selling your excess to them. This helps in enormous savings.

Ground Mount Solar

In most of the cases, roofs offer a practical and ready location to install solar panels. However, on some occasions, the roof is not suitable/optimal or does not have enough space to accommodate the required quantity of panels. In these situations, Solar4Life offers the alternative solar PV system mounted on the ground.

Energy Storage System

We deliver energy storage systems, designed to drastically reduce your energy costs by avoiding peak time energy prices. These modular battery storage power banks are scalable to meet the requirements of the site, regardless of power and energy requirements.

Maintenance and Repair

Solar4Life will help you with your solar system repair or assist you with your warranty claim. We have a service, repairs and support hub which specifically deals with these kinds of issues. Thus, for any service matter, please call us directly.