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With next gen battery rebate program you can also be eligible for ACT Sustainable Zero interest loans upto $15000 for eligible canberra residents

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What is the NextGen Energy Storage Program all About?
Eligible Households Can Receive Zero-Interest Loans of up to $15000*

The NextGen Energy Storage Program envisions Canberra with zero net-emission by effectively utilising the renewable form of energy resources. Solar power has emerged as a highly practical source of energy that every house can install without any risks or hassles.

Under the NextGen Energy Storage Program, registered residents can get up to $15000 worth of interest-free loans to install solar batteries in their homes. When paired with a 6.6kW solar panel system, the solar battery can ensure $0 electricity bills.

Furthermore, residents can experience up to $825 per kW rebate off batteries.

The ACT government NextGen Energy Storage Program rolls out in April 2021.

NextGen Energy Storage Program Eligibility

In order to be eligible for a rebate on solar batteries, the following criteria must be met:

  • The new system installed must not be supported by the program previously
  • The battery must be paired with solar panels
  • The new battery system should be connected to the grid
  • Must include an inverter (existing or new) that complies with Next Gen criteria

Note: Systems that are being supported by the premium feed-in tariff are not eligible for rebate under the NextGen program. You may, however, consider installing a new solar panel and solar battery system to avail the rebate benefits.

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Solar Battery System Eligible for NextGen Energy Storage Program

Under the NextGen Energy Storage Program, you can choose to install solar panels and solar batteries ideal for your living space. Solar4Life is an official NextGen provider that can help you understand your energy needs better and our experts work with you to establish a solar power system assembly that meets your everyday energy needs.

Here are the solar batteries that can be availed through the NextGen program:

  • Alpha Smile 5
  • Alpha E-Store
  • LG Chem
  • Tesla Powerwall

Brand Alpha Smile 5 Alpha E-Store LG Chem Tesla Powerwall
Type of Solar Battery All in one All in one Hybrid All in one
Warranty on product 10 10 10 10
Useable Capacity 11 9.3 9.8 13.5
Self Consumption Mode Warranty 80% of the original output 80% of the original output N/A Unlimited
Cycle Warranty 3,140 (If not self-consumption mode) 3,140 (If not self-consumption mode) 3061 2,800 (If not self-consumption mode)
Energy Throughput Warranty 29.2mWh (If not self-consumption mode) 29.2mWh (If not self-consumption mode) 30mWh 37.8mWh (If not self-consumption mode)
Performance Warranty 80% of the original output in the self-consumption mode 80% of the original output in the self-consumption mode 60% of the original output 70% of the original output in the self-consumption mode
Price Class Cost-Effective Cost-Effective Cost-Effective Premium

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For systems that are eligible under the NextGen Energy Program, the rebate shall be applied automatically and will reflect in the costs as quoted by the provider.

Having to decide which solar power panels and the battery can light up your residence adequately can be a hassle. As a registered provider of the NextGen Energy Program, Solar4Life estimates the right system capacity and acts accordingly to meet your energy requirements. Our team of professionals are thoroughly acquainted with the NextGen Energy Program and we help you with all that you will need to have solar panels and solar batteries installed through the rebate.

Our solar sustainability experts at Solar4Life strategically plan solar power systems that are energy efficient and are bound to eliminate or significantly lower your electricity bills. Every solar panel and solar battery are recommended only after we completely understand and assess your property and the energy requirements ideal for the living space.

Thinking Solar? Think Solar4Life!

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Why Go Solar?

  • Rebates that make solar power systems affordable
  • Lifespan of up to 25 years
  • Sustainable Household Scheme APPLICABLE, you can save up to $15000
  • 6.6kW solar panels and solar batteries that are energy-efficient and eligible for the rebate
  • Source of clean energy that doesn’t add to pollution
  • Reusable form of energy that’s 100% environment friendly
  • Recommendations based on your energy needs
  • Solar sustainability experts assess your property
  • Pay close to $0 on electricity bills

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With the NextGen Energy Program, you can be eligible for 0%-interest $15000 loan on solar batteries!

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