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It goes without saying that Australia has a very dynamic climate. While there are many parts of Australia that have unconstrained access to direct sunshine for a better part of the year, other parts tend to have cooler days. In such cases, not only is a solar system still viable but one can also include a solar hot water heater into it.

With a solar hot water system, you can expect a massive reduction in your electricity bills and enjoy fresh, hot water at your disposal without worrying about high energy usage. Most of Australia uses gas or electric water heaters and end up having a cost-heavy electricity bill during cold climate.


Benefits of Solar Hot Water Canberra Systems

  • Combat climate change: A solar hot water heater does not utilise natural gases or fossil fuels, leading to no carbon and greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere
  • Preserving the quality of air: While most households use electricity to heat water, they do not realise that a large portion of it comes from burning coal. This pollutes the air and harms the environment, having a negative impact on the quality of air. The use of solar hot water heaters have no such effects
  • Protecting water quality: Many of the power plants responsible for producing electricity for our household are notorious for dumping toxic heavy metals into water bodies. A solar hot water heater is an excellent means to not pollute water and also conserve it
  • Highly economical: A solar hot water system can contribute to a major portion of your hot water needs (up to 80%), even in the coldest of climates. This way, you can experience tremendous savings in your electricity bills each and every month. Additionally, any solar system makes up for its own cost in a few years. As such, you enjoy a lot of savings through free and readily available energy
  • Better home value: Homes with any form of the solar system are known for having a higher value in the market and as such, they sell faster and bring higher prices than homes that don't have a solar system.

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    Exceptional installation services that give you an unmatched customer experience

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    We are partnered with the world’s most popular and sustainable brands of solar & battery products

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    A part of the ACT Government Nextgen battery rebates program

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    Affordable prices compared to our competitors

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    100% customer satisfaction

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    Attractive 10-year workmanship warranty


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Great service !

A good system

Very good experience with these guys.
Did eveything they said they would, and on time.
The system
is still going strong a year later.

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Great service !

Solar4Life were excellent!

Solar4Life were excellent! The office staff kept in touch during the whole process, there onsite staff were polite, professional and left the site clean. I would definitely recommend Anne and everyone at Solar4Life

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Great service !

Excellent customer service

Fantastic team. Great product system has been installed in September and performing excellent 6.6 producing average of 40 kilowatt in sunny days. Will recommend solar4life.

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Great service !

Professional Job

Great customer service , quick response and follow up
Strongly recommended for those who are after quality services

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Great service !

Fantastic Job

Solar4Life team is fantastic from sales/quoting to final installation and post installation service. The team is professional, and friendly to work with. They are also always available for questions as well. Definitely recommended.

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Great service !

Complex system installed – exceptionally good

I have a U-shaped house which required extra consideration for installation of a large 13.2 kw solar system. Being a large and complex installation I had some anxiety around whether I would end up with the quality solution that I was hoping for.

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