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With Canberra's reputation as one of Australia's best places for going solar, it is easy to see why the ACT government has numerous rebates and incentives for Canberrans to embrace solar into their lives.

Solar Rebates Canberra for Solar Power

The ACT is renowned for having the most full-fledged solar power scenario in Australia. The Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme and several local government projects have been tremendously successful and the ACT government's popular Next Gen Energy Storage Program and the Sustainable Household Scheme are set to make solar power more accessible across households and businesses in Canberra, including a program for low-income households.

Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme and Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

The Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme can help you avail of a financial incentive in order to receive the installation of a small-scale solar panel through Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs). The STCs are essentially a variable commodity whose prices vary depending on supply and demand parameters.

These STCs serve as a considerable discount to the total price of your solar power system. It is worth noting that the STCs generated from a solar system is dependent on the following parameters:

  • Size of the solar system in kW
  • Total number of years that the solar system will be functional before the scheme is exhausted
  • Rating of the zone* wherein the solar system would be installed

*Canberra is in Zone 3
The following table presents a list of the possible STC rebates that you can avail of:

STCs rebate for Canberra (Zone 3):

System Scale Number of STCs Price of the STCs Rebate Value
3.33 kW 46 $36 $1,656
6.66 kW 92 $36 $3,312
9.99 kW 138 $36 $4,968
The table above depicts the prospective rebate values as per the 2021 solar system installation and an STC price of $36

The Next Gen Energy Storage Program by the ACT Government

Residents of the ACT may be eligible for battery storage systems at a discounted price through the Next Gen Energy Storage Program by the ACT government.

Nearly 5000 battery storage systems in households and workspaces across the ACT can avail of the support from the government in going solar.

This ACT battery rebate works by providing a subsidy on the output capacity of the solar battery being installed. The current rebate is $825 per kilowatt of Sustainable Peak Output (SPO) up to a maximum of:

  • 30 kW or $24,750 for residential spaces
  • 50 kW or $41,25 for commercial spaces

To give you a perspective, the following table highlights the Next Gen rebate values in Canberra for different battery outputs:

Output from battery Rebate Value
4 kW $3,630
5 kW $4,537
10 kW $9,075
The table above depicts the prospective rebate values as per the Round 5 of the ACT Next Gen Energy Storage Program

Eligibility Criteria for the Next Gen Battery Storage Program?

To be eligible for the Next Gen Energy Storage Program, your solar battery storage system must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a new system that has not already been supported by the Next Gen battery program
  • Must have a connection with the grid
  • Be coupled with solar panels
  • Be included with a new or existing inverter that meets the necessary requirements

Find out more about the eligibility, application and other details from the official ACT government rebates website.

ACT Government Rebate For Low Income Households

Through this program, ACT households with low income can go solar with a substantial reduction in solar system costs of up to 50% (capped to a maximum of $2,500) of the total cost of the system.

More information on ACT rebates for low-income households can be found on the official government website.

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