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Flagship Solar Power Company that Makes Solar Panels ACT Wide Available

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Flagship Solar Power Company that Makes Solar Panels ACT Wide Available

Best Solar Panel Services Canberra Needs for More Energy Efficiency

Solar energy is renewable energy that can be efficiently harnessed using solar power systems. As a leading solar panel companies Canberra has, Solar4Life offers a flagship range of solar panel Canberra and exclusive solar installation Canberra services. We work with recognised solar panel companies for Canberra ACT homes. This blog explores everything you need to know about solar panels ACT wide and more.

Solar Power System Switch In ACT

With the government’s recent announcements about the Sustainable Housing Scheme and NextGen Energy Efficiency Program, many homes in Canberra and ACT, in general, are resorting to solar power system installations. The schemes and rebates are being rolled out with the intention to reduce carbon footprint and emission rates to zero within a few years. The best part about these schemes and rebates? They are mostly zero interest or absolutely interest-free and are meant to bring new homes on board to solar energy!

Moreover, with Australia’s position on the globe, it receives ample solar radiation throughout the year which means, you will be able to earn back the value of your investment within a few years!

This is great news considering the fact that electricity rates keep fluctuating and in the long term aren’t sustainable enough. Add to that the fact that the recent rise in global warming has been a concern worldwide, solar energy is emerging as a solution every country can bank on. 

Understanding this, Solar4Life is on a mission to become a one-stop solution to provide:

  • A more sustainable energy switch
  • Bring savings to you
  • Use cost-effective methods to reduce climate issues
  • Use technology that brings you closer to the environment
  • 360-degree solar installation Canberra assistance and guidance
  • Best solar panel services Canberra that works closely with government schemes and rebates

We make your home more energy-efficient while working within your budget.

Why are Solar Panel Canberra Installations Gaining Popularity? 

Canberra has 10,000 homes at least and many of these households have resorted to solar power systems. This makes solar panel Canberra wide popular. Solar4Life has been installing solar power systems efficiently for a greener and brighter tomorrow. Our solar installation Canberra wide has helped families save thousands of dollars by eliminating electricity bills.  

In recent years, the investment. needed in solar power systems has decreased significantly. Add to that present rebates and schemes that make both, solar panel act and solar batteries affordable. When the overall costs are calculated, it is any day cheaper to install solar panels. This is one of the major reasons for the increasing popularity of solar installation Canberra wide. 

Things to Know Before Your Solar Installation Canberra

Solar panels just cannot be installed, your house should be suitable for solar installation in Canberra

The efficiency of a solar power system depends on a variety of reasons. And these criteria must be met completely and not just to a certain extent. Here are the parameters that make your home suitable for solar installation Canberra:

The direction of the roof matters. This isn’t a particularly strict criterion but it helps largely if the roof is facing north direction. In either case, East-West facing roofs can do wonders as well.

Shading: Shading can disrupt how your solar panels work since they cannot generate enough electricity if there’s a shadow. In case your house has shadowing from neighbouring buildings or from trees, consider relocation of the solar panel installation

Savings through solar power systems are not the same for everyone. While you may save thousands of dollars, some might save hundreds of dollars. The best way to get the most out of your solar panel Canberra and ACT surrounds is to use at least half of the generated electricity during the day. That means, the higher are your power bills with solar panels, the more you will get out of your solar panels.

How much I can save with solar installation in Canberra? Or ACT wide?

The main reason you might switch to solar energy is to save money while being sustainable. To calculate your savings through solar power systems, use the following formula:

Electricity rate in your area ($/kWh) X Size of the solar power system X 1168 


The electricity rates in your area usually reflect in the bill. It is also advised to add GST to this number

Size of your solar power system (usually in kW) (you may ask your solar power expert for this)

1168 a standard has taken based on location across Australia. 

Warranty on Your Solar Power Systems

Warranty works as an added layer of security for your solar power system. That’s why, when getting solar power systems, always ask for a warranty on products. Be careful to seek a warranty on solar panels, solar inverters and solar battery

Consider which solar power system you want to invest in

It is noteworthy that not all solar power systems will work for you. And that’s why you should always explore your options before getting your installations done. Explore through options available and which brands work the best for your location. 

Thinking Solar? Think Solar4life
Solar4Life is a CEC Approved Solar Retailer in Canberra, ACT. We work with top-notch solar panel companies Canberra. Our team of solar panel experts always prioritise quality workmanship and add peace of mind to every installation undertaken. We work within the deadline and with your budget. As a leading provider of solar power systems, go solar with Solar4Life!

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