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More than 1250+ satisfied clients

Fast and efficient

Well presented quote, but flexible to change in their suggested panel location.
Some room for negotiation price.
Easy and polite to deal with.
Grid connection is undertaken after the install without delay.


A Hassle Free quote and installation

The sales process was excellent the salesperson was quite upfront with his facts and figures and cut through the technical jargon.
All of the liaison and approvals from the electricity authority were taken care of.
The installers were very cheerful and polite and any problems that arose were taken care of.


Excellent customer service so far

Still in the first stages of installation but so far so good. Excellent salesperson Lachlan. He’s polite, friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. He worked with me to find the best system and price for my situation. I have complete trust that I will be looked after if any problems arise.


Solar4Life – Highly professional installer

Solar4Life provided a very competitive quote and were very professional and helpful at every stage of the process from initial contact, site visit, installation and commissoning and after sales service including grid connection after the install. I would strongly recommend them to anyone.


With the ever-escalating need for a dependable renewable source of energy by both commercial and residential establishments and the rising environmental crisis, solar energy presents itself as the cleanest and cheapest option for all our power needs.

Australia has always been at the forefront of using solar energy and providing the same for households and businesses throughout the country. However, it is worth noting that the use of non-renewable sources of energy such as coal and oil still continues to dominate much of the energy department.

The good news? Australians are realising the perks of going solar and switching from non-renewable resources with each passing day. By relying on solar energy, we can enjoy massive savings in our electricity bills and do our bit in contributing towards a cleaner and greener environment.

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What are the Benefits of Solar Energy?

The various perks of using solar energy
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    Solar energy has no negative impact on the environment. It does need the utilisation of fossil fuels, does not produce greenhouse gases, does not pollute and uses very little water for its maintenance

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    Efficient energy production during peak hours:

    It is an established fact that energy demand is high in the afternoon and early in the evening. During these hours, the price of electricity is naturally higher. As such, you can resort to using your solar power system for your energy needs during this period and save a lot of money in the process

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  • Reduce your electricity bills:

    When you generate your own energy through solar power systems, you use less from the utility supplier. As such, you end up saving tremendously on your bills

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  • Free source of energy under the event of a power outage:

    By employing the stored solar energy in the solar battery, you can use energy even during a power outage

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  • Long lifespans:

    Solar panels typically come with an attractive warranty of 10-25 years and solar inverters have warranties of 5-12 years

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Get Unmatched Solar Power Systems and Save Big with Solar4Life

Solar4Life has been the premier one-stop destination for solar panel installations in and around the ACT and other regional NSW suburbs around ACT.

We understand how crucial the decision is for you and your future endeavours. Therefore, we leave no stone unturned in providing the best solar system solutions for all your residential and commercial needs. With many years of experience installing solar systems in ACT, we ensure that our solar systems perform without flaw even in the harshest Australian conditions and leave you with 100% customer satisfaction.

What is the Solar Power Installation Process?

Our solar system installation process is simple, effective and hassle-free:

  • We start with an initial client meeting wherein our sales team will pay a visit to your home or workspace, and assess the ideal solar power system for your energy requirements and expectations
  • Through photographs of your space and data pertaining to electrical bills, meter board and roof taken by our sales team, our engineers will design a convenient solar panel arrangement for your roof and present you with a quote
  • On receiving approval of the design and quote from you, we prepare the contracts and send them over to you, which you can also sign electronically
  • A suitable date for installation is decided after the Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP) approves the application for establishing a connection for the site in question
  • A dossier containing all the relevant information regarding the system, warranty certificates and other important documents are attached to a single file and sent over to you

Our Range of Solar Products

Local, Efficient and Competent
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    Solar Systems

    We have partnered with some of the best solar equipment manufacturers in the world to deliver quality residential and commercial solar systems

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    Battery Storage

    Batteries store your excess solar energy and increase your energy independence. Ask Us about blackout protection

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    Optimisers and Micro-Inverters

    We use the latest solar technology to ensure the best outcome for your solar system

Arrange a time as per your convenience to discuss how you can go solar and derive the best out of it. We will ensure that we create a design that is ideal for your energy needs!

Why Choose Solar4Life for your Solar Energy Needs?

Solar4Life has some of Australia's finest solar experts who have years of hands-on experience in offering high-quality and efficient solar power systems to people in and around ACT. Through this, our customers have saved tens of thousands of dollars through their solar usage!

We design and install solar power systems that are ideal for your energy requirements. Whether it is the initial consultation or providing guidance after the installation, our experts assist you throughout the processes and make going solar simple and hassle-free for you.

  • Being a Canberra-based local company, we offer very low installation costs without compromising on the quality of the installation
  • Our team consists of highly experienced solar installers who are experts in their work
  • A large variety of brands to choose from
  • Finance options available
  • We offer transparent quotes that are customised according to your needs
  • We offer the best product and performance warranties in the market along with an incredible 10-year workmanship warranty
  • Excellent post-installation services and support
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More than 1250+ satisfied clients

Great service !

Solar4Life were excellent!

Solar4Life were excellent! The office staff kept in touch during the whole process, there onsite staff were polite, professional and left the site clean. I would definitely recommend Anne and everyone at Solar4Life

iconJorge icon

Great service !

Excellent customer service

Fantastic team. Great product system has been installed in September and performing excellent 6.6 producing average of 40 kilowatt in sunny days. Will recommend solar4life.

iconHoney icon

Great service !

Professional Job

Great customer service , quick response and follow up
Strongly recommended for those who are after quality services

iconJay icon

Great service !

Fantastic Job

Solar4Life team is fantastic from sales/quoting to final installation and post installation service. The team is professional, and friendly to work with. They are also always available for questions as well. Definitely recommended.

iconJB icon

Great service !

Complex system installed – exceptionally good

I have a U-shaped house which required extra consideration for installation of a large 13.2 kw solar system. Being a large and complex installation I had some anxiety around whether I would end up with the quality solution that I was hoping for.

iconBen icon