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Make The Most of Your Solar System Canberra With Attractive Solar Panels Government Rebate


Make The Most of Your Solar System Canberra With Attractive Solar Panels Government Rebate

Solar panel rebate options in Canberra can help you go solar and enjoy massive savings!

Canberrans in the ACT are in for a delight! Now, going solar and adopting a clean, green and sustainable way of life is easier than ever because of the various government rebates out there. Australia has really been at the forefront of making the country progress with solar energy and solar system Australia applications. So it is of little wonder that the concept of solar system Canberra has gained so much prominence in recent years. 

The significance of solar system Australia

As mentioned, the use of solar energy and solar power systems is of paramount importance in Australia. Countless residential and commercial establishments have adopted solar system Australia applications in order to meet their power needs. This is undoubtedly a welcome trend as the use of solar power is eco-friendly, clean and reduces your carbon footprint on the planet. Moreover, solar systems can help you make massive savings from your low electricity.

You can also stop relying on the electrical grid for power and use your solar system to generate your own electricity. This way, you can save tens and thousands of dollars in the long run and enjoy a sustainable and eco-friendly tomorrow. 

Solar system Canberra leading the way!

With a large number of solar panel Canberra installations in heaps of households and businesses, Canberrans are truly taking charge of ACT’s future!

The driving force behind Canberra’s spectacular and energy-efficient showing is undoubtedly the tremendously attractive solar panel rebate options that the ACT government presenta to Canberrans. 

So without any more ado, let’s check out the various solar panel rebates that you can avail of in Canberra. 

Solar Panels Government Rebate Canberra

Next Gen Battery Storage Program

The Next Gen Battery Canberra Rebate is all about making investment in battery storage easier for Canberrans!

While most Australians realise the importance and incredible benefits of going solar, they hesitate from doing so by thinking about the costs involved. However, it should be understood that investing in solar is an extremely wise decision as, in the long run, you end up saving tens and thousands of dollars!

But regardless, investing in a solar power system in Canberra is now easy and hassle-free thanks to the Next Gen Battery Storage Program. 

What is the Next Gen Battery Storage Program about?

The ACT government created this $25 million program in order to motivate Canberrans to opt for solar energy storage, thereby contributing towards the development and sustainable future of the ACT 

This ACT battery rebate works by providing a subsidy on the output capacity of the solar battery being installed. The current rebate is $825 per kilowatt of Sustainable Peak Output (SPO) up to a maximum of:

  • 30 kW or $24,750 for residential spaces
  • 50 kW or $41,25 for commercial spaces

As such, here some of the best batteries under the scheme:

  • Tesla Powerwall 2
  • LG RESU10
  • Alpha-ESS SMILE T-10 Expandable
  • BYD B-Box LVSExpandable

Solar4Life is proud to be a part of the ACT government’s current Next Generation (Next Gen) Energy Storage Program. 

What is the Eligibility Criteria for the Next Gen Battery Storage Solar System Canberran Program?

To be eligible for the Next Gen Energy Storage Program, your solar battery storage solar system Canberra.must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a new system that has not already been supported by the Next Gen battery program
  • Must have a connection with the grid
  • Be coupled with solar panels
  • Be included with a new or existing inverter that meets the necessary requirements

Why Choose Solar4Life for your Solar System Canberra Needs?

Solar4Life has some of Australia’s finest solar experts who have years of hands-on experience in offering high-quality and efficient solar power systems to people in and around ACT. Through this, our customers have saved tens of thousands of dollars through their solar usage!

We design and install the best solar power systems that are ideal for your energy requirements. Whether it is the initial consultation or providing guidance after the installation, our experts assist you throughout the processes and make going solar simple and hassle-free for you. 

Being a Canberra-based local company, we offer very low installation costs without compromising on the quality of the installation. Our team consists of highly experienced solar installers who are experts in their work. In addition, you can expect:

  • A large variety of brands to choose from
  • Finance options available
  • We offer transparent quotes that are customised according to your needs
  • We offer the best product and performance warranties in the market along with an incredible 10-year workmanship warranty
  • Excellent post-installation services and support

Understanding the Sustainable Household Scheme: The Premier Solar Panel Rebate in Canberra

Do you know that it’s now easier than ever to make your home energy-efficient and sustainable, while meeting all your power needs! 

Surprised? Well, residents of Canberra, ACT like you can be eligible for loans up to $15000 from the ACT government! 

It gets even better and these are zero-interest loans! 

The Sustainable Household Scheme is an initiative by the ACT government to help residents like you switch to solar energy Australia and help make the future a better and brighter place to live in. 

The following presents some major pointers about the Sustainable Household Scheme for solar system Canberra:

  • Interest-free loans up to $15,000 for eligible households through the scheme
  • A range of solar products will be financed through the scheme including solar panels, household battery storage units and energy-efficient appliances for everyday use
  • A chance for you to make Cannbera a better place to live in for generations to come! 

Solar energy is your best alternative to meet our everyday energy needs while you make tremendous savings on your electricity bills!

So if you are thinking solar, we have got you covered! 

The ACT government is presenting a wonderful opportunity for you to go solar and ensure a brighter tomorrow and a better Canberra! 

Your very own solar system Canberra is just a click away!

Looking for more sustainable ways to lead life? Here’s a bonus for you… Solar grants by the ACT government can help you save thousands of dollars!  

Always wanted to go solar with your household or business?

Now is the moment!

The ACT government will provide grants support for the installation of battery storage systems that are connected to a new or existing rooftop solar power system. Those eligible can also avail a rebate of $825 per kWh. 

What does this mean? 

This means that a standard 5kW system can receive over $4000 and a standard $10kW system can receive over $9000, subject to site inspection! 

Solar4Life: The go-to solar company to assist you with your solar battery and solar panel rebate in Canberra

Solar4Life is a leading solar company with full-fledged expertise and years of experience in offering high-quality, efficient and reliable solar energy solutions and solar power systems to Canberra and the ACT in general. 

With our vast experience of helping both residents and business owners alike, we are the ultimate destination when it comes to choosing the right solar system Australia for your power needs in your home or office space. 

Our knowledge of the various solar rebates in Canberra have also contributed immensely in establishing us as the premier solar company in the ACT. 

So if you have been thinking of going solar, now is the time and we are the best solar company to partner with!

Lead the way to a cleaner and more energy-efficient Canberra!
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